US Companies Account for 12 Percent of Revenue in the Netherlands

In an article published today, CBS reports that of all foreign companies in the Netherlands US companies contribute most to the Dutch economy. About 12 percent of revenue in the Dutch economy, 165 billion, comes from US companies.

Economic importance of US companies

With over 2700 US companies in the Netherlands, US companies rank highest in revenue and in number of companies established, but also on the basis of added value and employment, they head the list. American companies on Dutch soil created 28 billion euros of added value in 2014. That is 8.8 percent of the total added value of the Dutch economy in that year. They had 214.000 employees: 4.6 percent of all employees in the private sector.

As with most foreign companies, there is a lot of activity in wholesale. However, companies with a US parent company are more active than average in IT-related industries. About 35 percent of all foreign IT service providers and 31 percent of IT equipment wholesale in the Netherlands is accounted for by US companies.

Foreign companies are crucial to the Dutch economy

The Dutch economy has a total of over 1 million companies. Of these, about 12.000 thousand or 1.2 percent are foreign businesses. This group is small in number, but large in economic impact. Foreign companies accounted for 37 percent of the revenue of the entire economy in 2014. This also applied in previous years, CBS reported earlier. And together these 12.000 foreign companies, employ almost 19 percent of all employees in business in the country - amounting up to 867.000 jobs provided by foreign companies.

After the US, Germany is the most important European player on the Dutch market.

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